It’s like bringing the sun inside, 365 days of the year

Central Heating Systems

Comfort in every corner of your home, because a warm home is a happy home.

“I love seeing the look on my clients’ faces when they switch their new central heating system on for the first time. There is nothing quite like it. It’s comfort they’ve never experienced before”.
— Gordon Miers, Managing Director

Central Heating is a superior heat source, which is why over 50% of the world’s population choose it. NZ is lagging behind in use, but as awareness grows so too does demand. Which is a good thing, because homes with Central Heating Systems are healthier and cozier.

Why Choose Central Heating

Have you noticed how some days you can step outside and it’s only 5 degrees, yet the sun is shining and so you feel warm?

Central heating is like having your own sun source in your home. It radiates heat from the floor up, so you feel it exactly where you need it. It’s like being out in the sun.

Have you noticed that on some days it may be 16 degrees outside, the sun is shining and yet it’s windy and so you feel cold?

Heat sources will never be as effective where there is wind. And yet, that’s exactly how a heat pump works – it blows air around. So you can have your heat pump blasting, but still don’t feel warm. Not to mention that they are noisy and disruptive. It’s like bringing the wind inside. Central Heating is like bringing the sun inside. It doesn’t move air around but radiates heat everywhere within your home.  

Have you ever lived in a home where you’ve gone to clean behind your bed and found black mould? It’s alarming to realise that you’ve been breathing it in for at least eight hours every night. Or perhaps you’ve had pink mould growing in your bathrooms? Or mould forming along window ledges. A mouldy home is not a healthy home.

Unless every corner of your home is consistently dry and warm, dampness and mould can occur. Heat pumps and heaters make sections of your home warmer, but they can’t deliver consistent warmth to every corner of your home, which is exactly where you need it.

With central heating we’re not moving air around, we’re radiating heat upwards. What’s more, we’re storing the radiant energy within the building envelope. Remember it very important to fully insulated walls, ceilings and floors. A warm floor emits warm energy, while a cold one does the opposite. By heating from the floors up, you can heat your home more effectively.  

Ventilation/Heat Pumps vs. Central Heating

Heat recovery ventilation systems and heat pumps blow air around. It’s like bringing the wind inside. Central Heating radiates heat from the floor up, so it’s like bringing the sun inside.

If you blow cold air over a window you won’t get condensation, but that doesn’t mean your home is any dryer or warmer. Yet that’s exactly how ventilation technology works. Central Heating is different because it works by heating water, which when you move this water within your system it retains the heat much longer than moving air. Under Heating pipes are installed within your slab and warm water is circulated through these pipes / system delivering heat to the floor. Radiators work in the same way, but with radiators we move hot water through them. These Warm Surfaces warm your home to the temperature you want, efficiently.  

Ventilation systems and heat pumps work up high, not down low where you need it. Because heat rises, Central Heating is more efficient as it radiates heat from the floor up, so you get it exactly where you need it.

Ventilation systems and heat pumps only heat sections of a home. What about wardrobes, laundries, bathrooms and areas the heat pump can’t reach? With Central Heating your floor and every room is heated, so every corner of your home is warm, cozier and healthier. Warm home happy home by us. 

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