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New and Existing Homes

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Comfort, efficiency and reliability – we design, supply and install with these three goals in mind. Which means you can rely on us to recommend the best solution for you. Our team can retrofit Radiators or Under Floor heating into existing homes or new. We can discuss the options available to you as part of a free consultation.

Intelligent Design

For optimal efficiency and the best options for locating your heat source, you need a highly experienced engineer. Because once your system is installed, it’s very hard to change. We design intelligent systems that take into account the following.

What’s your preferred temperature? Do you prefer Radiators? Or would you like Under Floor Heating? Or you can have both, if you have the desire. You can have most types of floor coverings. Where would you like to place your heat source? There are many questions to ask, and Warm Surfaces will have the solution.

The layout and size of your home will have a big impact on how your system is designed. With the experience of over 20 years, we know what to take into account.

The placement of your heat source is vital to efficiency. While the garage may seem like the obvious choice, it may require more energy to deliver a consistent standard of comfort. We consider everything, so you get the best in comfort and performance. Our team ensure you have all the information you need upfront. 

Locations differ by way of temperature and energy sources.

Energy Source

If you live in the North Island, a hot water Heat Pump or a gas boiler may be your best option. (as gas is widely available and is relatively cheap energy source). But if you’re in the South Island, a hot water heat pump or diesel boiler are better options.


If you’re located in the McKenzie country you’re subject to much lower temperatures, so a product suited to European environments may be a better option for you. Whereas if you live in Auckland, other products may be more appropriate. You can rely on us to recommend the best product for your environment and energy source. We have a huge range to choose from, so you’re not limited in choices.

What’s included in your free consultation?

We offer a full system quotation and consultation free of charge.

We consider the best solution for where you live, the layout of your home and what it costs to run your energy source.

We consider the best placement of your heat source and controls, to accommodate your preferences while ensuring optimal efficiency.

On project acceptance, then we prepare a detailed set of drawings with full specifications including products, number of thermostats, Radiator placements, number of zones, underfloor pipes, heat sources, warranties and detailed processes.

We’ll provide a second consultation to ensure you are happy with everything before we proceed.