A home that radiates heat from the floor up

Supply and Install

Reliable, proven componentry from the world's best suppliers

Your Central Heating system is only as good as its components. If one component is substandard, you’ll know about it 2, 3 or 5 years down the track. For peace of mind choose a company with a proven track record in supplying and installing quality systems. Warm Surfaces has 20 years experience in Central Heating Installation, so we can provide the most reliable solution for you with the very best products.  

Superior Products

I personally test and select all the products I work with. If I won’t put it in my own home, I won’t put it in someone else’s.
— Gordon Miers, Managing Director

Like everything these days, quality varies considerably between suppliers. Some companies try to cut costs by installing cheaper products, or worse they leave equipment out to save money.

Not us. For twenty years Warm Surfaces have established a reputation of supplying and installing superior products that stand the test of time. Which is why we are suppliers of choice for many architects and specifiers. 

Comprehensive guarantees ensure that the right processes are in place to safeguard your investment. If there are any issues, they are dealt with in a timely manner through a reliable network of handpicked suppliers.

Our systems can be easily operated from phone apps. We have international clients who turn their system on when they’re about to board their plane, so when they arrive in NZ their home is warm and inviting. Our controls are easy to use too.

With Warm Surfaces you are not locked into any preferred supplier agreements. This means we open you up to a world of possibilities to ensure you get exactly what you need at the best possible price.

Quality Installation

​I believe that when it comes to installations, you’re only as good as your last job. So we give each and every project the utmost care and commitment. My team of installers have been handpicked by me, to ensure the best service possible.
— Gordon Miers, Managing Director 

At the start of your project our installers will meet with you to assess your home and discuss your needs.  With Central Heating you only get one chance to get it right, so it’s vital to take the time working through all the details at the start.  

When preparing our installation plan we consider the best solution for where you live, the layout of your home and what it costs to run your energy source.

We also consider the best placement of your heat source and controls, to accommodate your preferences while ensuring optimal efficiency.

Then we prepare a detailed set of drawings with full specifications including products, number of thermostats, number of zones, underfloor pipes, heat sources, warranties and detailed processes.

Our Managing Director personally reviews every plan, so you get the benefit of two professionals overseeing your installation.  Once he’s given your plan his nod of approval, your installer will provide you with a second consultation to ensure you are happy with everything before we proceed.